Why You Should Choose Our Healthy Green Programs

Healthy Office Cleaning

Healthy Office cleaning defined as the removal of soil, stains and allergens from the office environment, without the use of toxic chemicals. First maintenance Solutions has embraced this development because we are concerned about the welfare of the people that work and live in the environments we clean, the long term health of our cleaning technicians and the impact of chemicals on the environment.

Reduced Impact On The Environment

Traditional industrial and office detergents contain ingredients that have not proven to biodegrade… ever! First Maintenance Solutions has found a way to clean using only natural ingredients. This means your office indoor air quality can be improved by cleaning your office. The benefit is that your facility is a more pleasant place to be. Cleaning products contain only ingredients listed as generally safe for human consumption by the Food and Drug Administration. They do not contain any petrochemicals, builders, solvents or VOC’s.

Leaves Nothing Harmful In Your Facility After Cleaning

With First Maintenance Solutions, we conduct a complete, safe and deep cleaning without the use of harmful detergents or chemicals, Regardless of the method of cleaning, or the thoroughness of the technician, a portion of the cleaning agent will always remain in the facility after cleaning.

Safe For All Personnel In The Building

Recent studies have shown that 1 in 5 adults and children will be more sensitive to chemicals than the general population. Our customers have told us that they are very concerned about the environment they provide for their employees and visitors. Until recently, effective cleaners for industrial and office cleaning contained ingredients that could affect indoor air quality.

Green Cleaning and Its Cost

Our skilled cleaning specialists use products and techniques to provide a pleasing overall appearance in an environmentally safe and cost efficient manner. Cost is the same as traditional cleaning methods, but is safer for the environment.

Benefits Of Facility Maintenance

Microfiber Towels

As part of our continuous efforts to search for environmentally friendly products First Maintenance has incorporated the use of Microfiber Towels into our existing cleaning systems and procedures.

The traditional towels being used today spread out much of the dirt and bacteria that they come into contact with, absorbing as little as 30%. Microfiber towels use static electricity when dry and capillary action when wet, to absorb as much as 99% of dirt and bacteria on a given surface.

As a result of many health problems in the work place, and the recent occurrence of S.A.R.S, businesses are highly conscious of the spreading of viruses and bacteria that are highly detrimental to public health. The absorbency of Microfiber towels is an important tool in the battle against the spread of disease. Furthermore, the towels come in several different colours. Each colour will be assigned to a different task. This enables the cleaners to prevent cross contamination between different cleaning tasks by designating specific coloured towels for specific functions.

The use of these towels will help to reduce the use of and need for, cleaning chemicals. In fact, chemicals should only be used for “stubborn” stains and specified “disinfection” functions, as the towels are engineered to handle most daily cleaning tasks using only water.

The towels will release the dirt they have absorbed simply by rinsing them in warm water. Again, this will reduce the use of chemicals in the cleaning process of the towels. This will reduce the frequency of machine washing, minimizing the amount of detergents being released into the environment.